Melonie Sanders

I very rarely take the time write reviews, but I have been so impressed with Quick Capture Animal Removal that I wanted to share. We had been struggling with squirrels as we are by a lake. Taylor was always extremely professional and truly worked with us until our issue was resolved. I definitely would recommend Taylor and his team!

Christian Rivera

Taylor was great! I highly recommend Quick Capture Animal Removal. We had a dead rat and Taylor worked very hard to remove it. He was very fast, he was here the very next day we called him and was flexible with the time. Will be calling him to do further work shortly.

Priscilla Carlone

Taylor and his staff were not only pleasant to work with but extremely knowledgeable and thorough in making sure my attic was clear of animals and preventing any further critters getting in with a 5-year warranty. I recommend highly.

Chad Lilly

I had a problem with mice getting into my smoker and birds repeatedly making nests in a dryer vent. Quick capture took care of both problems on their first visit to my home. The tech that showed up to our house was very informative and thorough, he even pointed out some additional points of entry that we were unaware of.

Linda Liu Phillips

I hit the jackpot finding this company and Taylor... too bad it was only hours AFTER I was ripped off by the first "pest control" company that came out and and ran my credit card for a 6 month pest control contract.. for bugs and "rodent abatement"... and once he had my credit card he left me with an 8 inch rat in my guest bedroom!!!! THANK GOD TAYLOR FOUND THIS RAT WITHIN 5 MINUTES walking through my house. It was after 6:00 and not only did Taylor find the gaping 6 inch hole under my bathroom sink baseboard.. but he fixed the hole.. which was the main point of entrance for this rodent that was hiding behind the guest room dresser. Taylor then proceeded to to remove the rat from my house. I was able to sleep for the first time in 2 days since I suspected there was a rodent inside my new home. Thank you Taylor!

Philip Lezar

Taylor is a great operator and one that you can trust. He was punctual, flexible and straight forward. I would recommend him to anybody in DFW.

Ellen E Cote

Taylor was excellent, professional and very knowledgeable. If I ever need to get rid of critters again I will definitely call him. I recomment him with no reservations.

Bonnie Hedstrom

Excellent! Direct approach to identifying issues. Pricing is reasonable . In my case, they handled an additional issue I had which was above and beyond! They get things done and work in a professional manner. Thank you!

Braylon Linnear

Great experience and technician Taylor was very knowledgeable. We will be using them in the future for additional work!

Abin Abraham

Taylor had lots of insight on how to prevent animals from getting into our home. He also came over within the day that I called him!!

Alyce Schmitt

Dead rat in home, came out on Sunday morning, found the rat and will be back to seal all entry points with a 5 year warranty. Very happy with Taylor.

Sean Hackley

After hearing scratching all night we called Quick Capture Animal Removal. Turns out that we had rats and squirrels in our attic. Taylor came out, and from start to finish was nothing but our saving grace. We had other quotes but no one else came close to theirs. We are now rodent free and very happy.

Al Schwab

Quick capture has been one of the most relieable companys i have deal with in years. Taylor exceeded all of our expectations in the service he proformed for us. He explained everything he was doing in detail and fulfilled each and every one. I would recommend quick capture animal removal to anyone looking for this service.

Jennifer McNairn

Quick Capture did an outstanding job! After using 2 other large companies to get rid of a couple rats in my attic, with no results, I contact Taylor at Quick Capture. He was extremely professional and knowledgable. He came to inspect my property and give me a quote the same day I called. He went above and beyond by not only sealing all the entry points and spraying a cleaning agent in the attic when the work was done but all 5 rats were trapped and disposed of in less than a week! Not only did he do a great job, he was on time every time, he kept me up to date on the work being done and the progress and there were never any "unexpected" charges. I will be a customer for life and would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Andrea Rackel

Taylor has come and given us a quote on dealing with those pesky squirrels that think my attic is their playground. Quick Capture pricing was reasonable. He evicted the squirrels from the small attic home and sealed the entry points on the back of our house. Thank you Taylor for being professional and thorough with your job. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional and expert on capturing pesky rodents and such. Thanks again!!

Mick Peterson

These guys came out with in a few hours and got rid of my yellow jacket problem. I couldn't even get in the front front door there were so many bees. I'm so glad I called a professional.

Anthony Perez

Very quick to help and professional
*$289 OFF is applicable only if the client requests all 3 steps. Seal, Trap, & Clean.

Who We Are

QUICK CAPTURE REMOVAL is a full-service wildlife control company serving DALLAS FORT WORTH and the surrounding area. We specialize in urban and suburban wildlife damage management for both residential and commercial customers. We are state licensed by the TEXAS Wildlife Commission. We handle nearly all aspects of wildlife control, and resolve conflicts between people and wildlife in a humane and professional manner.

Warranty Terms: Free 5 Year Renewable & Transferable Warranty.
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